Whats special about us?





- 100% of ALL trading fees will go into the project's benefit/back to the community.
- 80% of it will go straight to all bunny holders weekly.
- The remaining 20% will go towards expanding our team.


Official Bunny Recruitment

- The project is devided into 4 phases:
- Phase 1: 100 units, 0.1 SOL -> SOLD OUT.
- Phase 2 is currenty ongoing, Phases 3 & 4 are TBA.


Official Bunny-Verse themed games

- After phase 2, we will divert our full attention and resources to finish and polish our games so that they are fully fledged and ready for the final phase.

Utility before full mint!


100,000$ community crypto portfolio

- After selling out, 100k USD will be transfered into a specified wallet for democratic community investment's.
- Profits will be destributed to the winning brotherhood of the current game.


Games Launch

- After selling out, we will release the full version of the five game series.



- After the release of our bunnies, we will launch our cryptocurrency token, The Carrot Coin. The coin will be granted to ALL bunny minters and OG Bunnies (first 500 members of our discord) will receive double the amount.
- All of this shouldnt be confused with our airdrop system, when winning in the games all members of the brotherhood will receive B-Bucks which will be used to purchase airdrops (pets) unique to each brotherhood that will be added to your existing bunny.


Bunny-Verse Comic Book Series

- In the near future, we plan to launch a full BunnyVerse themed Comic Book Series which will have more lore and community-themed additions along with new stories and the wars aftermath, based on the winning brotherhoods in our games.


Expanding the Bunny-Verse

- Were thinking far here but we plan to eventually advance the BunnyVerse according to the aftermath of the lore that will be determined by the winning brotherhood and will be made into a bigger & better universe, so we advise you stay tuned :)


Co-Founder & CTO of a top 15 ranked startup in his country.



Marketing Advisor of a local food chain company.

El Bunny


Social Media Consultant for 150k+ subs YT channels.


Social Media

Proffesional Artist for 7+ years.



Photoshop Expert and Graphic Designer for 3+ years.


Graphic Designer


What is the Bunny-Verse?

The Bunny-Verse is our universe that consists of 4 brotherhoods which fight with each other for their own beliefs.

Why should I recruit (mint) a bunny?

Recruiting a bunny grants you your own bunny warrior and a ticket into the Bunny-Verse community. The community will have rewards and a community bank that you will be able to partake in and decide where it goes.


Taking part in our games that will impact the lore of the Bunny-Verse and the players themselves.

Can I recruit multiple bunnies?

Yes, the transaction is only limited to 1 bunny at a time but you can recruit another if you wish to.

How many traits (attributes) are in each bunny?

There are 5 traits in each bunny in the Bunny-Verse which are:

Headgear, Chestpiece, Weapon, Facial Expression and Background.

How much does it cost to recruit a bunny and when can I recruit one?

Price of each bunny is currently unrevealed as well as the date to when the Bunny-Verse will be opened.

Where can I check my bunny's rarity value?

The Rarity tool is being worked on and will be released ASAP

Is there going to be a Bunny-Verse marketplace? And when?

Our bunnies will be listed in secondary market platforms shortly after the recruitment period.

Where the mint is going to take place?

The mint website will be posted a couple seconds before the mint time,
with a random domain name (Due to security reasons).

The mint link will be very random so dont try to guess it. Official link will be posted in our twitter and discord.

Social media?

Official links:

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